104873 Air Circuit Breaker Ex9A16N 4P D/O 800

EAN: 8592765048745

The new line Ex9A offers very complex functional devices range. They provide not only the basic function of circuit breakers or switch disconnectors, but also a complete networks analysis with the ability to communicate with advanced control systems, alarm function and power switching relays. The circuit breakers and switch disconnectors are available in three frame sizes as fixed and withdrawable version of 3P and 4P devices. Circuit breakers Ex9A use digital tripping units SU. Their basic common characteristic is the presence of complete protection functions LSI, LCD display and 32-bit DPS even in the most basic variant SU3.0. Units SU4.0 and SU5.0 provide extra protective functions G for protection against ground faults or E for detection of low-level residual currents, respectively. In addition to comprehensive protective functions circuit breakers Ex9A offers a wide range of circuit variables measurement and analysis. Obtained information can be used to activate the breaker, alarm or for processing by the operator or in advanced control system. As in the case of protective function in tripping units, also the basic configuration of mechanical part includes generally used or recommended components. The customer will automatically receive the device with the main terminals, with a complete set of secondary terminals, the circuit breaker will contain alarm contacts or in the case of withdrawable version the cassette will be fitted with safety shutters of the main terminals. For devices Ex9A there is available a wide package of internal and external accessories.


Paremeter Value
Integrated earth fault protection NO
Type of electrical connection of main circuit Other
DIN rail (top hat rail) mounting optional NO
Motor drive integrated NO
Motor drive optional YES
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity lcu at 400 V, 50 Hz 55
Overload release current setting
Adjustment range undelayed short-circuit release
Type of control element Push button
Rated permanent current Iu 800
Rated voltage 690
Position of connection for main current circuit Back side
Degree of protection (IP) IP40
Switched-off indicator available YES
Number of poles 4
Device construction Built-in device slide-in technique (withdrawable)
Suitable for DIN rail (top hat rail) mounting NO
Number of auxiliary contacts as change-over contact 6
With integrated under voltage release NO
Complete device with protection unit NO


Document Type Document Name Size Format
Datasheet Datasheet Ex9A 0.0gb PDF