We offer both classic thermomagnetic compact circuit breakers and more accurate electronic technology.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio where we will satisfy the requirements of even the most special installations:

1. 5 years warranty
2. Rated current from 16 A up to 1600 A
3. Breaking capacity up 150 kA
4. 3 and 4-pole versions available
5. Six frame sizes M1 - M6
6. AC and DC MCCBs and Switch disconnectors
7. Wide range of accessories
8. Thermomagnetic release for sizes up to M1 and electronic release for M6 size

You decide what type of evaluation is right for a given project. We have the right products in stock, immediately available.

You know best what product and accessories you need. Download our catalog and find out what you are missing.

Set the parameters according to your needs. We are ready to provide you with the necessary support. Our product department is one call away.